Micellar magic

For anyone who has yet to try it out, micellar water is pure skincare alchemy. Amazing skin, in reality, costs very little. I previously used the Loreal Skin Perfection Purifying Micellar Water and found it extremely effective at removing every scrap of makeup, without any harshness. It’s competitively priced but I think Savers have it for about £3.00, if you fancy giving it a try.

That brings me on to a real gem I’ve discovered, also in Savers (which, for non-UK readers, is a budget cosmetics shop). Micellar cleansing wipes at £1 for 25. I generally believed that make up wipes are overpriced, ineffective and drying…until I tried these. Not only are they cheap, they’re gentle and you can easily remove a full face of makeup within seconds. I’ve yet to find these online but you’re unlikely to beat such a ridiculously good price. My advice: stock up!

Finally, my favourite skincare product at the moment is my cleanser. Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals. I picked this up a few weeks ago at the end of a holiday in Croatia, when trying to spend my remaining kuna at the airport. It was money well spent; this product smells heavenly and has completely balanced my skin, which has always been somewhat unpredictable. The bottle is long lasting; you generally need a small application on a cotton pad to swipe across your face as a last, purifying action before putting on your night serum/cream. It works excellently as a toner and my pores appear to have shrunk since I started using the product.

I hope some of you will decide to give micellar water a try. It really is magic!


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