Brocato Haircare

At my last (much missed) regular salon, the staff introduced me to an American haircare brand; Brocato. These products are amazing! You can usually only buy them directly from salons but there are some gems to be found on eBay. The products I recommend are:

Brocato Saturate Intense Moisture Treatment

Used once or twice a week after shampooing on dry or damaged hair, this is a fantastic deep conditioning treatment. I normally wrap a plastic bag (so classy!) around my head to intensify its effects and rinse off with cold water for extra shine.

Brocato Rootfix

This is possibly the best product I’ve found for my hair when I want to add volume. You only need to use very little; spray directly into the roots in sections before blowdrying with a round brush. This product should last ages if used correctly and it doesn’t leave a sticky feel, unlike a lot of volumising products.

Brocato Cloud 9 Miracle Repair Style Creme

I started using this product when I had coloured hair and it did help to keep it in good condition. Now my natural colour has returned, I still use this occasionally on damp hair before styling; it leaves my hair soft and is good for straight styles.

To summarise, Brocato products perform to a high standard and they last extremely well. If you decide to try them out, I’d love to know what you think!


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