Here’s what I used for tonight’s soak! Vita Coco Organic Coconut Oil as a pre-shampoo treatment, only on the ends of my hair, left for 15 minutes. I’d recommend a double shampoo to make sure it’s all rinsed off your hair…nothing worse than taking the time to style and finding an oily patch!! The OGX Biotin & Collagen shampoo and conditioner duo work well to clarify and then treat your hair, leaving it looking full and bouncy. The Bliss Oxygen mask is a real wonder product, that same bottle is about 18 months old and still roughly half full. This is a fabulous product to liven up your skin and help to shrink pores (I hope to post a separate review on the mask sometime soon). Finally, the bath foam is a lovely souvenir from Croatia. It’s called ‘Adriatic Breeze’ , made by a local aromatherapy company named Aromatica; the pine scent remind me of the country’s gorgeous coastline and lush trees.

Feeling very thankful to have had a hot bath on such a cold night. Hope everyone is having a lovely, restful Sunday.


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