Beauty and Style Icons – Julie Christie

I draw inspiration from many remarkable ladies, so I thought I’d start a little mini-series of Beauty & Style Icon posts by celebrating the wonderful Julie Christie.

Julie has always been a free spirit and I truly admire her acting skills, impeccable style and her great integrity (she is a strong supporter of animal rights and environmental conservation). She might be best known for playing Lara in ‘Doctor Zhivago’ but my favourite role of hers by far is Diana Scott in ‘Darling’. I’d also recommend ‘Billy Liar’, ‘Fahrenheit 451’ and ‘Don’t Look Now’.

Julie Christie with director John Schlesinger and actor Laurence Harvey, in between filming ‘Darling’ (IMDB).
Julie and Tom Courtenay in ‘Billy Liar’ – another 60s gem!
Julie Christie with the Oscar she won in 1966 for ‘Darling’ (Keystone/Getty Images).
Julie and Francois Truffaut, director, on the set of ‘Fahrenheit 451’. (via keyframedaily, Tumblr)
Julie with Donald Sutherland in the spellbinding ‘Don’t Look Now’ (Allstar/Cinetext/Casey).
Julie Christie – never a bad hair day! (

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