Skin Food Gold Caviar Serum – Review


A few weeks ago, I found a lone bottle of Skin Food Gold Caviar Serum on eBay. I’ve dabbled in Korean skincare for a while now and really like the fact that it’s reasonably priced- and it generally works wonders! The only downside is that it can be difficult to get hold of Korean beauty products in the UK, although there are a couple of specialist websites around (Korean Kosmetics being one).

The gold packaging of this product is wonderfully ornate and led to me having quite high expectations…luckily, these were exceeded! The serum smells pleasant and is absorbed into skin with ease. It feels equally soothing and moisturising, without any oiliness. Since I started using it, my skin has actually started to feel less oily and without any dryness. I’ve been using the serum nightly after make-up removal, double cleansing and then toning, following with a moisturiser on top.

All in all, this serum is a bargain, luxurious to use and a generous size. An absolute gem!

Rating: 5/5


5 thoughts on “Skin Food Gold Caviar Serum – Review

    1. I’m hoping to try one of the sugar scrubs- didn’t know they have BB creams as well! Something else for the wish list 😉 thanks for the tip! Xx

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