Bobbi Brown Art Stick

Hello all! I was passing a Bobbi Brown counter earlier and thought I would try out one of the art sticks; described as a lipstick meets lip liner product. The sales assistant applied Rose Brown and assured me it was a long lasting product, which would remain intact even after the wearer had eaten a meal.

One hour later, when I’d had just a glass of water and a coffee, the product had completely vanished. The shade is lovely, so I was very tempted to make an impulse purchase but glad I resisted! I believe in thinking carefully about more expensive makeup purchases before buying and always checking out reviews.

If you’ve had some make up applied at a counter, test the product by walking outside to see if you like the shade and also the length of time it lasts for. You’re under no obligation to buy if the product is simply being tested! If it works- fantastic. If not- think yourself lucky you saved a chunk of money.

It pains me to leave a negative review for a Bobbi Brown product (the others I have are wonderful!) but it’s so important to review honestly and share experience.

Rating : 3/10


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