Jane Birkin

I need to stop looking at pictures of Jane Birkin…I’m so tempted to cut a fringe!


4 thoughts on “Jane Birkin

  1. Such a goddess… I’m currently questioning do I get my fringe back to just to look somewhat like her, well attempt to anyway! haha!


    1. Do it!! I keep looking at my side fringe and thinking I just need to chop it…so scary, after spending an age growing it out though 😉 #issues

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      1. Yes one of the biggest dilemmas when j have a full fringe I want a side one but when I have a side one I want a full can never win haha!

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      2. This is me EXACTLY! So glad I’m not the only one….these 60s ladies have a lot to answer for where fringe dilemmas are concerned 🙂

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