Balance Me Radiance Face Mask – Review

I picked this mask up a couple of weeks ago and thought I would share my verdict of the product with you all, as I love this range!


The mask smells absolutely gorgeous (a delicate musky scent) when applied and can be left on your face for up to five minutes. I would recommend massaging it in for a minute or so on a clean, dry face to get maximum exfoliation, as the grains are quite sparse.The Balance Me range uses essential oils in its products, which will make your skin feel much softer and nourished after using. I hate to be corny but the mask did leave my skin feeling perfectly balanced! However, the product is not as thick as I like a face mask to be; I would recommend it more as a gentle polish to round off your cleansing routine once or twice a week.

I love the story behind Balance Me and hope to try some more of their wonderful products soon!

Rating: 8/10


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