Dr PawPaw Original Balm – Review


This multi-use product arrived with my Look Fantastic Beauty Box and I’ve only just gotten around to trying it out. The balm applies smoothly and is of a fairly thick consistency.


Unscented and soothing, I found it to be a great lip balm to apply before bedtime. In the morning, my lips felt nourished and smooth. If you were to apply during the day, it gives a lovely subtle gloss.

Excuse the cavernous nostril…

I was surprised to find that this balm retails for £6.95, as I thought it would be much more expensive. I’ve only used it as a lip balm so far but I hear it can be used on dry skin patches, sunburn and even hair (might not be so keen to try this one out!). I’m still devoted to Eve Lom Kiss Mix but this is an excellent product for less than half the price.

Rating: 9/10


5 thoughts on “Dr PawPaw Original Balm – Review

    1. Hahaha doesn’t it make you chuckle when they start pinching our things? One of my friends has to hide her favourite hand cream, as her boyfriend loves it! xx

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      1. Lol he loves my body cream so much I had to go buy another bottle as he has managed to nearly finish it. It’s not him thou apparently we have a ghost in the flat 😒

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      2. A very well-moisturised ghost 😉 I’m so sorry for only just following you back, I had dreadful problems linking to your blog for some reason but have just sussed it! Look forward to catching up with your posts hun xx

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