Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant


I thought I would write a few words about one of my personal essentials.  This deodorant is free of nasties, unscented and it really works!

It’s basically a little stick of salt-based roll-on deodorant which lasts for a surprisingly long time. I was sceptical when I bought my first one last summer but it has lasted pretty well…this is my second, bought a couple of months ago!

The deodorant is pricey (just under £5.00 from Holland and Barrett) but this balances itself out over time, given that it lasts for ages; even with daily use. A deodorant product which is as natural as possible is also worth paying for, in my opinion.

To use, you simply run the deodorant stick under the tap to dampen it and then apply directly to clean underarms. Dry the stick with a towel after use, to make sure it lasts as long as possible. If you prefer a spray, there is also one of these to try, although I can’t comment as to how effective this is!

Rating: 10/10


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