My first facial!

Not being one for “pampering” (I’m an enormous fidget and can undertake most treatments myself), I was intrigued to see how I would find my first facial on Saturday. I can honestly say my skin looks completely rejuvenated and feels baby soft; I’m delighted!

My treatment was combined with a head and pressure point massage. This was largely relaxing at the time but goodness, when my therapist worked on the back of my neck and shoulders, I was in pain! I must have been extremely tense to start with but a few hours on, I felt so relaxed, it was almost as though I’d been drugged. The salon I went to used Murad products, which felt luxurious on the skin and smelt divine. I felt like I’d had such a treat; the only scary thing was emerging into the high street with no makeup on!

I would fully recommend a facial such as the one I had (the ‘Pick me up’ facial) at Esque, a truly lovely salon with talented therapists. Does anyone else have facials regularly? I’m hoping to keep this up every 2 months or so now!


9 thoughts on “My first facial!

      1. That’s true! It must wring out all the tension…I think I must have been in knots beforehand!!


  1. Great post. Glad you enjoyed your facial hun.
    As a trainee beauty therapist my favorite thing to do is facials. Love that you noticed how good they are for the skin xx

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    1. They did seem to! I was a bit sceptical but they had seriously shrunk when I checked the day after…still looking good a few days on. I would really recommend one if you feel like a treat!


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