The Love & Hate Tag

I haven’t done a tag in ages, so here goes!


  1. Share 10 things that you ‘LOVE’ and 10 things that you ‘HATE’.

  2. Tag up to 10 bloggers .


  1. The sense of bliss I feel after a great yoga practice.
  2. All of my family (I have especially fun parents).
  3. Orangutans; I feel a great affinity with them and so want to work to help them someday.
  4. Non-pretentious, unprocessed food washed down with a big glass of good red wine.
  5. Ireland. It’s an amazing country.
  6. Blabbering for hours with friends when I haven’t seen them for ages!
  7. Swimming in the Adriatic sea.
  8. Zoning out to music (especially Nick Cave).
  9. The opposite sex; I’m admittedly boy crazy. My boyfriend is obviously first on the list with Aidan Gillen and Norman Reedus in hot pursuit (I frickin wish!!).
  10. Little acts of kindness, both giving and receiving.
  11. DOGS. Sorry for the extra one, couldn’t leave doggies out! Anyway, love should always outweigh hate, where possible.


I try not to hate anything…but let’s say, I strongly disapprove of the following!

  1. Energy vampires, i.e. people who leave you totally drained and listless after you’ve spent any amount of time with them. They behave in different ways but are generally utterly self-obsessed (boastful bores) and not good for your soul. Avoid!
  2. Cruelty. There always seems to be so much in the world, towards humans, animals and nature.
  3. Fish; I can’t bring myself to eat it!
  4. When you get chewing gum stuck to your shoes.
  5. Spitting in public. It’s a cultural thing, I know, but it turns my stomach!
  6. The sense of dread I get watching ‘Game of Thrones’, as all the more likeable characters seem to get killed off!
  7. Weight lifting. I’ve tried numerous times to enjoy weight training in the past but it’s something I just can’t stick to. In all honesty, yoga works just as well and has a much wider range of benefits, if you want to try something different!
  8. Those warm stuffy days, where it isn’t particularly sunny but just dreadfully hot…
  9. Moths. I am completely helpless in their presence! Most flying insects disturb me but moths are the worst.
  10. Reality TV.

I shall leave this open to anyone who wants to join in, such a fun post!


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