Emu Oil Well Moisturising Eye Cream – Review

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 10.43.17 AM

I found this little pot on Feel Unique, when looking for a new eye cream. I’ve been using it for just over a week now, so thought I would share my opinion of it with you all!

The cream is of a light consistency and absorbs perfectly into the skin. A lot of eye creams I’ve tried seem to “sit” on top of the skin, which feels quite uncomfortable and prevents normal makeup application. Having read into the origins of emu oil for skincare use, I discovered that Aboriginal people in Australia have been using it for thousands of years; it is also apparently an excellent natural sunscreen and has been attributed to easing muscle/joint problems.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 10.43.59 AM

A small amount of the cream is all that you’ll need for application and it should only take a few seconds to sink into the skin completely! The pot contains a generous amount of product, which I foresee lasting me several months.

Screenshot 2015-07-08 at 10.43.34 AM

I paid £8.99 for this product, which I think is an extremely fair price for an eye cream that shows real effects and is naturally based. Since using it, the skin around my eyes appears more hydrated and evenly toned. I am definitely a convert to this product and would like to try more of this range in the future!

Rating: 9/10


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