50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello my sweets! The lovely Bronagh tagged me to do this, please take a look at her blog if you get a chance- it’s an excellent read! These are in no particular order (not all are elaborated on):

1. Yoga. I’ve practised since December 2014, so am relatively new, but reaping the benefits.

2. Dogs. I could not choose a favourite breed but I just love pooches and can’t wait to own one someday!

3. Croatia. It’s a heavenly country, with beautiful scenery and equally beautiful people. I love it.

4. My boyfriend

5. My parents

6. My friends

7. Breaking Bad. Can’t we have one more season??

8. Nick Cave. His lyrics, novels and character continue to inspire me.

9. The Clash. One of the first bands I truly loved and the one I will always come back to. Joe, you are so badly missed.

10. Long walks

11. Meditation

12. Coffee. I love black coffee and drink a couple of cups everyday!

13. Cakes. Any kind. Mmm.

14. F. Scott Fitzgerald. His are the most gorgeous, intricate, heart-rending of novels, that I have read time and time again. The Beautiful & Damned is my favourite.

15. Orangutans. They are the most gentle and remarkable creatures. It’s all I can do to ask you to avoid palm oil (the manufacture of which is destroying these beautiful apes) and respect their right to exist in the world alongside us.

16. Vintage dresses. I own too many!

17. Painting my nails

18. Ireland. I am so proud of my heritage. A stunning country and the most wonderful people!

19. Barcelona

20. Hellraisers. I love colourful characters and wish the likes of Richard Harris and Ollie Reed were still around.

21. Birmingham. I have so many memories of this city. It’s full of interesting little shops and brilliant pubs- try it!

22. Eva Green. She just captivates me; I so admire her intelligence, values and beauty.

23. Marianne Faithfull. My idol.

24. Julie Christie. Another lady I have unending admiration for! Wonderful actress with a great attitude to life and fame.

25. Lazy Sundays. I usually do as little as possible!

26. Henri Cartier Bresson’s photography

27. Swimming in the sea

28. Chocolate

29. Flower arranging

30. Italian food. Particularly something as simple as an arrabiata! Followed greedily with tiramisu.

31. Poetry. Federico Garcia Lorca, Arthur Rimbaud and Gregory Corso are amongst my favourites.

32. Pinterest. I am addicted.

33. Long baths

34. Fruitful online shopping

35. Boardwalk Empire. The clothes, the gangsters, Steve Buscemi; I love it.

36. Getting my hair cut. It always feels like a treat.

37. The Kills. I love these two and their great art. Please tour soon, VV & Hotel.

38. Bourbon

39. Talking to strangers. I like finding out about people’s lives!

40. Old photographs

41. Dancing

42. Myself and my boyfriend’s “in jokes”

43. Kate Moss. Hypnotic beauty, fabulous style and a great laugh, by all accounts!

44. Tarantino films

45. Charlotte Tilbury makeup

46. Prosecco. I can drink bottles and (ironically) enjoy it more than champagne.

47. Spicy food

48. Tennis. Roger Federer is my favourite.

49. Kindness. It makes the world go round.

50. Albert Camus


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