Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – Shade 2 – Review

As part of the promotional campaign for Magic Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury sent out lots of free samples for people to try. I received my sample a few days ago and have now had chance to try it out.

I am excited to say this foundation lives up to its expectations!

As the product I tested was a sample sachet, I haven’t taken photos of the product itself, but here’s how it looks on me:


I guessed my shade when requesting my sample, so I’m quite pleased that shade 2 has turned out to be such a good match; it’s described as a pink/beige shade for very fair skintones with cool undertones on Charlotte’s website. The product itself is quite creamy to apply (thicker than most foundations I’ve tried) and gives good coverage, without appearing heavy. I like the fact that my freckles are still visible when wearing it! You don’t need to use very much at all and I imagine it would be easy to blend onto the face with a good foundation brush (I used my fingers).

I’m impressed with the natural result and how it enhanced my skin. After a few hours, I noticed it actually looked even better than when I first applied it, which is testament to how well it suits my skin. The magic formula which Charlotte and her team used for this foundation is fascinating; mushroom extract to tighten pores, hyaluronic acid to plump up the skin and vitamin C to improve the skin’s overall look over a period of time. It appears to work!

Rating: 10/10

Luckily, I am due to buy a new foundation soon; I certainly know which one I’ll be buying. Have any of you received samples of this to try? What did you think of it?


5 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation – Shade 2 – Review

    1. Thank you so much, it really is a lovely foundation! You might even get samples of shades 1 & 3 (to make sure you’ve got the correct one), Charlotte’s website is doing this anyway! Do let me know what you think of it 🙂 xx


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