The Body Shop – Fijian Water Lotus Fragrance Mist


I rarely buy new fragrance but after having tested this one a few weeks ago, I couldn’t get it out of my head! This seems to be the way I identify perfumes which suit me; I remember testing White Patchouli by Tom Ford and wandering around the department store in a procrastinative daze for half an hour, before popping back and hurriedly parting with my cash!

Anyway, I digress. I haven’t bought the other products in the Fijian Water Lotus range, as I like having a really subtle scent when I wear fragrance, but you could do that, if you wanted to create a stronger perfume. There’s a shower gel, body butter and body lotion on the website; the mist isn’t currently in stock online, I had to hunt mine down from a store!

The mist smells very lightly of frangipani and has a really fresh, beachy scent. As someone who normally wears musky perfumes, this has made a wonderful change to my fragrance routine. Considering it’s a mist, it lasts as well as an Eau de Toilette typically would, which I think is excellent for its price tag (£8.50). I’ve used it daily for the past week and haven’t made a dent in the amount, so I feel the 100ml will go a fairly long way!

I’m not reviewing or rating this product, as fragrance is very subjective and personal, depending on the wearer. Have you tried any of the Body Shop fragrances? The new fragrances (which Fijian Water Lotus is a part of) are all extremely pleasant, I think there’s something for everyone to try there!


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