Quick-fix tips on appearing ‘polished’

I am not a naturally polished person. My hair is unthinkably flyaway and the side parting often drapes its way across my forehead like some malevolent, ash brown sloth. I love lipstick but hate the way it vanishes from the inner curve of your lips, leaving a weird 80s lip-liner effect. High heels look fabulous but I walk a lot and would end each day looking like Quasimodo, if I tried to go about my business in heels.

It’s not a bad thing to appear un-polished; I consider aesthetic nonchalance to be enormously attractive. A perfect example of a polished person is the divine Catherine Deneuve, with her immaculate hair and makeup, clad in expensive, tailored clothes. Someone who strikes me as unpolished, in the most beautiful, effortless way, is Jane Birkin. So, I’m in good company! Nonetheless, there are times for which it’s good to look polished, so I’m going to share the low-maintenance tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years to achieve this as best I can.

  • Carry a Tangle Teezer. More gentle than a regular hairbrush, this is a must for anyone who has hair prone to unprompted movement at the slightest hint of rain.
  • Eschew dark nail polish for a clear coat, over neatly trimmed nails and well-moisturised cuticles. No chips, no fuss.
  • Don’t punish yourself by wearing heels, if they hurt your feet. Look out for a flat/low heel black pair (to wear with tights) and some timeless leather ankle or knee boots for colder days.
  • A trench coat is your best friend. Tan is best, as it looks good with practically anything (navy clothing and tan trench coats are a match made in heaven).
  • I wear foundation, bronzer, concealer, mascara and a nude lipstick. That’s it; I like to wear more intricate makeup at the weekend but for weekdays, I’m happy with this 5 minute routine.

Do you envy those naturally polished people, or are you one yourself? If so, tell me your secrets!


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