Finding the perfect Christmas gifts

I love Christmas and apologise right now if you don’t, as I want to share some gifting tips with you! The build-up is absolutely the best part and choosing gifts for those you love can actually be enjoyable, particularly if you can avoid high street shopping. Here are my tips for choosing some perfect presents.

  • Start looking early. I bought my first Christmas present on 11th October and find that the sooner you start, the more likely it is that things will be in stock, or arrive on time. It also leaves you free to enjoy the build-up to Christmas, rather than panic about the presents you’ve yet to buy!
  • Listen out for hints from your loved ones. If someone is having a hard time with a noisy neighbour, a voucher for a night away in a hotel would be an ideal gift; some relaxing sleeping aids (pillow mist, earplugs, etc) would probably be appreciated, as a less costly but thoughtful alternative.
  • For an insight into people’s likes and dislikes, check their social media and, when in their houses, sneak a look at bookshelves, posters, which toiletries they use in the bathroom and even the general décor. My perceptive skills are a massive help for me, when identifying people’s interests to choose presents and checking to see what they already own!
  • Don’t get sucked into manic high street panic. For the past few years, I’ve bought about 90% of my Christmas gifts online. Even if you have to click and collect, you will save masses of browsing time (the service is also, generally, free with most retailers).
  • Handmade gifts are a wonderful idea but if you don’t have time, try making your own cards. I made a set of very simple ones in less than an hour last year and they were so well received (as well as being cheaper than buying some beautiful but costly ones).
  • Set realistic budgets and stick to them. I’ve made the mistake of going over my budget in the past, by indecisively buying a selection of small, random presents per person, rather than a single, more expensive present, which I know they would appreciate.
  • Add a personal touch. I’m considering buying some pretty but inexpensive crystal tumblestones for each of my friends this year as a stocking-filler, depending on which I think might be of use to them (i.e. crystals for luck, health, etc), with a little handwritten card to explain the crystal’s healing properties (I know; hippy alert).

I hope this is helpful for you! I would love to hear any of your gifting tips; do you love or loathe Christmas?


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