The best horror movies for Halloween…

Happy Halloween! I’m not a great devotee to All Hallows’ Eve, being far too lazy to procure a costume for myself and prone to selfishly quaffing Haribo, before any trick or treaters even knock on the door however, it’s a great excuse for anyone to huddle up and watch some horror films. I’ve seen a lot and have weeded out the less impressive ones for you,so here are some of my favourites (links to trailers included):

  1. The Orphanage‘ (2007). This is a frightening, desperately sad Spanish film, with a chilling ghost story.
  2. Suspiria‘ (1977). Don’t be fooled by Suspiria’s incredible shots and vivid colour; it’s disturbing.
  3. The Conjuring‘ (2013). My boyfriend made me watch this in the dark and I was terrified to go to the bathroom afterwards! One of the best modern horror films I’ve seen.
  4. Ringu‘ (1998). It’s grainy, stark and terrifying. Much more frightening than the American remake.
  5. REC‘ (2007). This is a really nervy, found-footage film, with lots of gore and a horrible ending.
  6. Martyrs‘ (2008). Certainly not for the faint-hearted; Martyrs is hard to forget.
  7. Les Diaboliques‘ (1955). This intriguing French classic also has the most unbelievable plot twist!
  8. The Descent‘ (2005). Claustrophobic and shocking, I still can’t watch this one alone.
  9. The Mothman Prophecies‘ (2002). I’m including this because of the telephone call scene. It’s insanely creepy.
  10. Them‘ (2006). This is really disturbing and probably one of the most realistic films on this list.

What are you up to for Halloween? Have you got any scary movies you can recommend to me?


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