Sleek i-Lust Eyeshadow Palette – Review and Photos


When I noticed this limited edition palette in Boots, I snapped up the last one in store! It has been released in time for the party season and has six shades; four powder and two cream shadows. I’ve tried them all on, so you can see what they look like (all photos taken in natural daylight).


This deep brown shade is highly pigmented and quite vampy! It’s probably my favourite of the six shades. I used some Vivienne in the inner corners of my eyes to add some light.

DSC_1134 DSC_1133

Coco & Vera

Coco applies as a subtle copper colour and isn’t as scary as it looks! I blended it along the lashline, the socket and paired it with Vera, a rich, shimmery gold shadow.

DSC_1132 DSC_1131


This is probably my least favourite colour from the palette. Margiela, a cream shadow, looks to be quite a cool bronze in the palette but when I tried iton, it looked quite orange! It doesn’t look too bad in the photos but it did not complement my skintone at all; I wouldn’t recommend this for fair complexions, as it made me look a bit too much like a heroin addict.

DSC_1136 DSC_1135

Louis & Vivienne

The most subtle shades in the palette are perfect for creating a nude, opalescent eye. Louis (the other cream shadow) does not have the best pigmentation and is quite subtle. Vivienne, on the contrary, is a gorgeous shimmery nude, which applies well and gives a great dewy lift, when dotted in the inner corners of the eyes.

DSC_1130 DSC_1129

Overall, this is a great palette for £7.49. I was pretty disappointed with the cream shadows (Margiela for its deceiving colour and Louis for its too subtle pigmentation) but the powder shades are fantastic.

Rating: 7/10


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