Christmas Gifts: The Beauty and Wellbeing Edit

How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping? I’ve pretty much finished mine but will still be on the lookout for some little stocking fillers, if anything catches my eye! From my experience, one of the most popular type of go-to presents (especially us ladies) are beauty and wellbeing products. I love giving these to my friends and family but the most important thing is whether or not they actually do what they’re supposed to and are tasteful (how many of us have received sickly bubble baths or overpowering scented candles, which we never use?). In case you’re thinking of buying any beauty gifts for Christmas, I thought I would put together a list of my favourites; all of which I’ve used myself and think would make perfect presents for others.

  1. Muji Tin Candles (£3.50). These are true gems and are available in a number of fragrances (Jasmine & Olive being my favourite). I think these make perfect stocking fillers or, as a bigger gift, a set of four presented in your own gift box would be fantastic. The low price is incredible, considering the beautiful scents of these candles; please don’t feel you have to spend £40 on a luxurious one, they’re all really rather similar!
  2. Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag (£15.00). I received this as a gift last Christmas and it’s brilliant. Spacious, stylish and perfect to hold all of your day to day makeup. Charlotte has since released some more makeup bags but this is the first edition of the collection and very reasonably priced.
  3. Leighton Denny Small Crystal Nail File (£12.50). Again, this is an old Christmas present and one I have found to be extremely useful. Crystal nail files work by sealing the nail’s edge, to prevent splitting and strengthen over time. This one is beautifully presented and high quality; you (or the recipient) will never go back to a traditional emery nail file after trying it!
  4. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil (£30.00). This is a real treat and something beauty lovers will appreciate. The oil is perfect for a long, luxuriant soak and lasts for a long time (just a few drops in a full bath is sufficient). REN also sell some lovely gift sets and in the run-up to Christmas, tend to have some good savings on their website across all products.
  5. Lipstick Queen Medieval (£22.00). If you want to pick a flattering lipstick for someone, you can’t go far wrong with this one. Medieval is a subtle, flushed red shade, which has been created to suit every skin tone. It isn’t matte or bold (try NARS if this is more the type of lipstick you’re looking for) but it has moisturising qualities and is really easy to apply.
  6. Decleor Aroma Cleanse Phytopeel Exfoliating Cream (£15.99). I reviewed this product (read here) in a most excited state; simply because it gives a spa treatment result, in the comfort of your own home. It’s a real treat to use and leaves the skin looking luminous.
  7. Rosie for Autograph Nuit Parfum (£14.00). This is an absolute steal for such a gorgeous fragrance. My review will tell you more about the specifics but I think the luxurious packaging and deep, warm scent makes it a fantastic gift for someone.
  8. Chanel Les 4 Ombres Eyeshadow (£40.00). It isn’t cheap but it’s a classic present for someone very special to you. My compact has lasted me for about 4 years and the eyeshadow still has great depth of colour when applied. If you’re unsure about which colour to choose, I own Mystic Eyes and find it very flattering for green/blue eyes. Google Images can be your resource for looking at swatches before buying online, or a salesperson will choose the perfect palette for you in store.

There you have it! Of course, there are lots of other excellent products you can buy but these are the ones I feel would make the most special gifts, whilst keeping to a fairly reasonable budget.

Do you own any of these? What beauty product would you love to receive for Christmas?

Laura xx


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