Feeding your skin: some tips!

I must warn you…there will be a lot of skincare related posts on the blog in the coming weeks. Having enjoyed a facial at the end of November, my skin is looking particularly healthy and I have a feeling it’s also due to a few lifestyle changes I’ve made (not to take anything away from the facial, which was amazing!).

Of course, everyone’s skin is unique; it takes time to understand what does and doesn’t work for yours. I have found, however, that these new (or more rigid) dietary habits have improved my complexion, so thought I would share them with you!

  1. Nuts and seeds. I have a large lunchbox of pumpkin seeds mixed up with almonds, cashews, walnuts and hazelnuts in my kitchen. Every day, I habitually grab a small amount from the box and savour them (trying not to eat too many is tricky). I’ve been doing this daily for a few weeks now and, not only is my skin more dewy, my hunger levels seem to be much steadier.
  2. Herbal tea. Despite many valiant attempts at developing a habit, I don’t enjoy green tea but I do find blends such as lemon and ginger extremely pleasant, especially on cold nights. It seems to hydrate better than coffee (my intake of this has also reduced lately) and has become a nightly ritual for me!
  3. Omega 3. I don’t eat fish, so take supplements on a daily basis. Although it can take a few months for the benefits to show, I would recommend omega 3; great for your brain (allegedly) as well as your skin. To complement it, I also take a vitamin D supplement, which many of us are deficient in during winter, due to the lack of sun and daylight.

Have you got any dietary tips for good skin?

Laura xx


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