Omorovicza Cleansing Mitt – Review


As part of my new, improved cleansing routine, I’ve been using this little beauty to treat my skin. It may look like a strange little pillowcase-shaped towel but it’s actually a soft, luxurious cleansing mitt from Hungarian brand Omorovicza.

I’ve generally been using the pure cotton mitt about once a week, after one of my “home facials”! It’s incredibly gentle on the skin and ideal for removing clay masks or rich cleansers. I imagine it’s best to wash the mitt after each use (as I have been doing), to keep it in good condition and remove all dirt/products. It’s an ideal product to use on a weekly basis (I use muslin cloths on all other days) but you could certainly use it everyday; might be advisable to buy a spare, though!

Do you use any accessories with your cleansing routine? I’d love to hear about them, especially if they’re as effective as the Omorovicza mitt.

Rating: 10/10


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