New Year: Setting Intentions

Firstly, let me wish you all a happy New Year! Who knows what 2016 will bring but I truly hope it’s a great one for everyone, with lots of memories to be made and good fortune to be found.

As a habitual breaker of New Year’s resolutions, I tend not to make them. They can be rigid, punishing and, in all honesty, unrealistic. I don’t work in that way. I’ve learned that you can make positive changes at any time of year and have done so many times in the past; the time just has to be right. My yoga practice (thank you always Yoga with Adriene) has taught me to be mindful, to find what feels good and to set an intention for each practice. The one I keep coming back to is radiate kindness and attract happiness. It’s a good one to go forward with into the New Year and has set me off thinking about intentions; why can’t we set a few for the New Year, rather than boring old resolutions? Here goes:

  • Accept what is and be free of worry
  • Trust the flow
  • Silence the mind’s chatter
  • Nurture yourself

As a natural worrier, who often feels drained by negative events and people, these should be quite sufficient to start with.

Are you making any resolutions or intentions for 2016? I would love to hear what yours are.

Laura xx






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