The goodness of greengrocers

In our age of convenience and online food shopping, we often forget that older generations bought their food from several different providers on a weekly basis (butcher, grocer, baker, etc). This is great! You can pick what you want (avoiding the manky yellow pepper that always seems to turn up with online shopping) and support local, small businesses. It can be time-consuming, so it’s ok if you want to stick to the supermarket. I generally do too however, I always make an exception for the greengrocer.

I find it oddly comforting to wander around, absorbing the bright colours and picking out my staples, as well as some new things to try (lychees, anyone?). It’s also noticeably cheaper than picking up your fruit and veg from the supermarket.

If you’re cooking from scratch, you’ll need to buy fresh produce at least once a week. Or cook a big bunch of meals at once and freeze them! Here are some of the goodies you’ll always find in my basket:

Sweet pointed (Ramiro) peppers, satsumas, carrots, tenderstem broccoli, courgettes/zucchini, red onions, bananas, red cabbage, rocket and sweetcorn.

Craving some courgette pasta now! What are your food shopping habits? Have you got any tips to share?

Laura xx



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