Yoga Camp (Yoga With Adriene) – My Experience

Props! Manuka vest, Calmia gloves and a block from Tiger. 
As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like or make New Year resolutions. I’ve been practising yoga for just over a year now but recently, I had been focusing more on weight training. Well, I tried. It just wasn’t something I looked forward to after work every day. So, I decided to dive back into my bad yogini ways; Adriene Mishler’s new series of yoga videos, Yoga Camp, arrived on 1st January and I have practised every day since then.
I know that I haven’t completed the full 30 days, yet. Seriously, though…I am excited to do so. My old yoga practices tended to take place 2 or 3 times a week and were very much focussed on building strength and toning. This is fine, obviously, but yoga is most beneficial when practised mindfully. You should be mindful of your breath, your alignment and the feeling you derive from each asana (pose). It’s a deeply spiritual form of exercise, which can have fantastic effects on your physical and mental wellbeing. This is one reason that Adriene has created a mantra for each practice, which you can personalise (e.g. my mantra for the “I choose” practice was “I choose to be free of worry”) and take with you throughout each video and, indeed, your day afterwards.
We’re almost at the end of Yoga Camp and here’s how it’s affected me:
  • I sleep like a baby
  • My thoughts are quieter
  • Posture is on point
  • Arms are strong
  • Mind is focussed
  • Core is flat and strong
  • I feel fantastic.
Yoga = Love
I was concerned about cutting down on cardio and weights but I’ve been proved wrong. Combined with some brisk walking, my clothes are actually looser and I’m still chomping down on (palm oil free) chocolate. I’m completely astounded by the clearness of my mind. I look forward to and crave my daily practice with Adriene and indeed, might have to repeat this series once the 30 days are over. Yoga Camp has married strong, mindful exercise with meditation and started 2016 off in the best way possible. Namaste, Adriene.
Namaste, Buddha buddies.

5 thoughts on “Yoga Camp (Yoga With Adriene) – My Experience

  1. Loved reading your insight on this. I’ve been doing the 30 days as well, though I started a bit later. I agree that I’ve been “craving” yoga everyday and it’s been a great feeling! All the best to you on the rest of the camp!

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    1. Thanks Shilpa! Glad you’re enjoying it too, I think it’s fab that we’re all getting into regular practice 🙂 I hope you have fun with the rest of yoga camp!


    1. I know! Hasn’t it flown past so quickly? The 30 days of yoga from 2015 was really good (I didn’t complete that, just picked out the odd video from there) 😃 I’m a couple of days behind now, saving the last few vids as I can’t believe it’s day 30 today!!

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      1. The original 30 days of yoga is great, I did it last year over the course of maybe 60 days. I think I’m going to pick one of the playlists and work my way through before going back and doing the original 30 days. I need to work on making my transitions between some of the poses smoother. And to be able to do a side plank without falling over.


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