Restorative Habits

As I write this, I have been feeling a little zapped. I can’t pinpoint why. I had enough sleep the past few nights, I’ve been eating well and don’t have anything preying on my mind.

Of course, this is perfectly natural and happens to all of us from time to time. The body demands downtime when it’s due; rest doesn’t need an explanation and it should never be denied. Tonight, I’ve listened to my body. One long indulgent bath, followed by a hot plate of winter veg and I’m feeling better already. I sacked off my yoga practice (which I usually do immediately after work) but feel like I might fit in a few bedtime asanas, simply because my body is happier now. If I had stubbornly stuck to my routine, I know I would have gone into a couple of half-assed poses and given up for the day, maybe even convincing myself that I was too tired to prepare a nourishing meal.

Restorative self-care is not negotiable. You deserve it.

Here are a few ideas to help you through those “low battery” days.

  • Run a bath. I’m a simple creature; a bath doesn’t have to be fancy. Warm water and cheap candles work magic (who says you need that £40 bath oil to relax?)
  • Try to make yourself some nourishing food. It can sometimes seem like too much effort but extra vitamins from a selection of vegetables will give you a much-needed boost.
  • Turn off your phone. Focus this time on yourself and pick up any messages when you’re feeling better.
  • Pull out your favourite book and read it (or watch your favourite movie). I always find it comforting to get lost in a book, plus it takes me away from (pointlessly and foolishly) worrying about being “lazy”.
  • Make things pleasant for yourself. If it’s cold, pop your comfiest clothes on to the radiator. If you’re not watching the TV, turn it off. Make a huge cushion pile on your bed and sink in.

Let’s all take a little more time for ourselves.


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