Charlotte Tilbury – The Dolce Vita Eye Palette – Review


Someone needs to tell Charlotte Tilbury that she must stop making such beautiful eye palettes. One (The Vintage Vamp) wasn’t enough for me, so I had to put the Dolce Vita palette on my Christmas wishlist and was so excited to find it amongst my presents (thanks mama)!


How stunning are these colours? The deep chocolate and gold shades are ideal for setting off green/blue eyes but would also look incredible on brown eyes (one of Charlotte’s inspirations for this product was Penelope Cruz).

I apply the pearly Prime shade (top left) across my eyelids, before using a small eyeshadow brush to add the Enhance colour (top right) in to the outer corners and socket. For a daytime look, I would generally stop here and apply mascara, unless I wanted to vamp it up. To do this, I apply the Smoke shade (bottom right) to the socket and all along my upper lashline. Depending on your eye shape, you can also add it to the lower lashline (I only put it in the bottom outer corners, as too much focus on the lower lashes drags my eyes down!). Finally, the decadent Pop shade (bottom left) can be carefully patted to the middle of your eyelids. This method of application is recommended and designed by Charlotte herself; it’s refreshingly foolproof!


Rating: 10/10


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