Faith in Nature Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner – Review


For years, I’ve alternated between premium and middle-market brands for my haircare. It’s a good feeling when you finally find a shampoo that gives a thorough cleanse without drying your hair out, or a conditioner that doesn’t leave your ends looking like rat’s tails, despite your meticulous efforts at rinsing it out (with cold water too – lovely!). Unfortunately, if you’re anything like me, that feeling seldom lasts, as my hair seems to get used to products after a short while. Product buildup, dryness and general rebellion ensues. Expensive and irritating!

Recently, I came across a brand called Faith in Nature. Ella Woodward, of Deliciously Ella fame, recommended the coconut duo in a post on her website and I decided to give it a try (she does have the most divine hair – might be something in this plant-based diet too!).

As you can see, the shampoo and conditioner are both vegan and cruelty free. There’s also no sodium laureth sulfate(SLS) to contend with, a harsh chemical which lurks in a lot of beauty products.

The shampoo lathers up really well and emits a gentle coconut smell. I love using nutty, warm scents in the bath and shower (like shea and almond), as fruity scents can be slightly overpowering, so this is perfect for me. When rinsing off for the first time, I noticed my hair felt really clean, although not stripped. I then applied the conditioner, which is a slightly runny texture, from mid-lengths to ends. As usual, I faffed around for a couple of minutes to let the conditioner melt in, before rinsing it off. My hair felt immaculately cleansed and smooth.

You can’t really gauge the how well a shampoo or conditioner has worked until your hair has been dried and styled. When I had finished, my hair was glossier than usual and had a slight lift – result! I don’t find it easy to add shine to my natural ash brown hair without weighing it down with products but this cleansing duo really worked a treat.

Rating: 10/10


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