Three books to make your life better

I’ve read quite a lot of spirituality and self-awareness books. In times of personal strife, they can prove quite helpful; notwithstanding that some are utter tosh, rendering you even more cynical and pissed off than you were to begin with. It’s a minefield out there.

To save you from having to wade your way through these endless books, many of which are actually disappointingly similar to one another, I’m going to tell you about my favourite three. And maybe, you can let me have some recommendations of your own in the comments…

Angel in Disguise? – Victoria Mary Clarke

Victoria’s book is the one I always reach for when I’m feeling a bit unsettled or downright shitty. She is straightforward (a trait I admire in others) and I can completely relate to how dreadful she was feeling at the start of her book. Without wanting to give too much away, Victoria reached out for guidance and found that the answers came to her by channeling, using a pen and paper, or sometimes speaking aloud. The endlessly comforting, sage guidance came from some kind of divine source. Angels? Whatever the source may have been, the advice recorded by Victoria is like gold dust. The energy clearing exercises described work so well for me, I regularly return to them if I’m feeling a bit unbalanced. Victoria describes herself as “fucked up and flawed”, which is something I can certainly empathise with. It is a deeply thought-provoking, helpful book; a particularly valuable read for those of us who are a bit rudderless in life. Thank you endlessly, Victoria.

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart’s book is definitely one to read in small doses; you will need some contemplation time afterwards to think about what you’ve read. He explores clock time as a man-invented and, frankly,  unhealthy concept. This is revolutionary stuff, in our world of nonsensical deadlines, distressing transport delays and even our adherence to routines such as bedtime. The idea of living in the present moment, explored thoroughly in ‘The Power of Now’ has really helped me to feel grounded and maintain a clear, focused mind. As someone who is prone to fretting about the future, I notice when my thoughts leap too far ahead and take a moment to pause, to acknowledge what is happening now. There is so much that humankind, as a whole, can learn from this book.

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

This is a book I finished reading just this week and I am completely bowled over. As a practising yogi, I have had it on my list to read for some time (it never fails to crop up on “books for yogis” lists) and have not been disappointed. The four agreements, as explained in the book, will help you to communicate with confidence, clarity and generally, not give a rat’s arse about the opinions or behaviour of others. The message is that everyone is immersed in their own personal reality. It’s time for you to take control of yours and make it pleasant for yourself. You can find the basic four agreements online but I would advise you to pick up a copy of the book, to truly understand how you can apply these in everyday life. I’m still learning, so we’re in it together. Namaste.


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