Thoughts on Charles Worthington Everyday Gentle Micellar Shampoo and Weightless Conditioner

Given that I’m nearing the end of my favourite shampoo and conditioner duo (Faith in Nature Coconut, which you can read about here), I thought I would try something new. These new products by Charles Worthington caught my eye, as I have something of an obsession with micellar water. It’s an absolute staple for my cleansing routine and perfect for sensitive skin, as it melts makeup with minimal effort and no irritation. Hair equivalent, you say? Yes, please.


The shampoo is described as having a similar function to micellar cleanser; it claims to clarify and remove impurities, without drying out the hair. The omission of sulphates is a welcome one for anyone with overprocessed or flyaway hair, although it’s becoming easier to find sulphate-free shampoos in shops.

The conditioner claims to reduce breakage and leave you with “weightless roots”. With conditioner, this is important to me. I find applying it to the ends only still results in an unsatisfying slight heaviness at the roots. The holy grail of conditioner, for me, is one that I can apply from roots to ends and then rinse with ease, leaving no product residue. Just cleansed, healthy hair.

Having now tried both products, I feel the shampoo is a good cleanser and quite economical, as you only need a small amount to produce a good lather. It does, however, have quite a strong and not particularly modern scent (I found it a little soapy). This may be due to personal preference, as I have a liking for soft, nutty scents. After rinsing, my hair felt soft and clarified.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get on well with the conditioner. Despite a fairly scant application from roots to ends, it left my hair feeling lank and heavy once dry. I’m sure this wasn’t for lack of trying, as I always spend 2-3 minutes rinsing conditioner off in the shower. To see if the product was just too rich for my hair to be applied from the roots, I tried applying it to the mid-lengths and ends only. Upon drying, it felt exactly the same as the first time I used it.

In conclusion, I like the shampoo but do not feel the conditioner works for me. I’m disappointed that it seems to coat the hair, in spite of thorough rinsing, and would certainly not describe it as weightless.

Have you had a disappointing experience with shampoo and conditioner duos?


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