How to organise your beauty routine, save time and look fabulous

I’m always more inclined to follow a routine, if the tools and resources I need are both in good supply and top condition. A beauty routine is no exception.


Here are some tips which I think will make your daily skincare and makeup routine much more fluid and enjoyable.

Weekly Tasks
1. Sharpen your eye and lip pencils.
2. Clean your makeup brushes and eyelash curler. Depending on the kind of makeup you use on a day to day basis, you may need to do this more often than once a week. I like Superdrug B. Makeup Brush Cleanser.
3. Wash your facial wipes (muslin, flannels, etc). I have a clean wipe for each day of the week, TK Maxx do great sets.
4. Polish all of the mirrors you use when applying makeup/skincare.

Monthly Tasks
1. Do a skincare audit! Check if you’re running out of anything (cotton pads, cleanser, etc) and arrange for replacements.
2. Wash your makeup bag.
3. Go through your makeup and throw out anything that looks remotely funky. Brow gel is notorious for spoiling quickly.
4. Check the condition of your tools (eyelash curlers, tweezers, nail clippers) to see if they need sharpening or changing.
5. Notice how your skin is feeling and treat accordingly – DIY facials on a Sunday evening are especially pleasurable.

I would love to hear any tips you might have for your own beauty regimes!


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